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What is Runway?

Runway is a company with a passion for simplifying payments. We deliver omnichannel solutions for all your business payment needs.

Our Mission

We're building the economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size, be it new startups or public companies, use our software to accept payments and manage their businesses online. We want to support you with exactly the kind of payment solutions you’re looking for.

Our Vision

We believe the world will look very different after this pandemic, as it did after the second world war and the financial crisis of 2008. As it always does, after it has faced destruction. We foresee a gigantic acceleration towards digitalization in all businesses. Businesses need to vet partners, hold money in escrow, manage terms and conduct KYC and AML.

We exist to help entrepreneurs to grow their online business

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Our Leadership Team

John Smith
Executive vice chairman of Runway, John is also a contributing author to leading publications and media outlets, providing commentary and analysis on economics, finance, history, and politics.
Mike Bing
Junior Accountant
Former president and co-CEO of Onn Reasoning, Cassin began his career in finance , and he remains a private investor and advisor to Runway.
Joey Warner
HR Manager
Alumni to Harvard institute, Joey has worked at Runway all his life. He is also the author of seven popular growth marketing books.
Christina Gayle
Product Designer
- Christina is the co-founder and managing partner of Water Capital, a consumer-tech venture capital firm. Over the last 10 years, Gayle has been a constant advisor and investor in Runway.
Shane Warne
Marketing Director
Currently serving us as Marketing director, Shane was most recently senior vice president of Tesipo Retail where she created a seamless customer journey for over a billion visitors a year.
Betty Wilson
Senior Developer
Betty enjoys balancing technology, creativity, and leadership—subjects she writes and tells stories about regularly. She spent her early years in rural Nigeria, which she credits for forging her creat

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